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Since 1976 our clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala have provided patients with the finest dental care treatments in India. Our team of highly skilled dentists and specialists are led by Dr John C P in their commitment to excellence. Our practise is equipped to provide a complete range of treatments; including general dentistry, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, prosthetics, children's dentistry, veneer placements and orthodontics.

At Dr Johns Dental Centre our foundation lies on our ideology. We understand the complexities of dental problems and the absolute need to tackle them with utmost care, which is why our clinic consist of some of the most reputed doctors in India and is equipped with state of the art equipment; to ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing patients the best healthcare facilities.

In-house Dental Laboratory

Contrary to the common practice, Dr John's Dental Centre has a dental laboratory where the activity of making the restorations such as crowns, implant, prosthesis and dentures at works on site with the providers. We believe that having an In-House laboratory is the only way to achieve the highest level of quality and shade matching.

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The staff members at our dental lab are more than employees. We are a team. Together, we have many years of experience in the dental industry producing quality oral products and developing long-lasting relationships with our patients. We know that when we do good work, our providers can too. We are passionate about dentistry and the exciting products that are changing the face of restorative and cosmetic dental care. We promise to uphold a higher standard of service and value while staying on the leading edge of modern dentistry. We know that you will find each staff member to be helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you. We are also associated with Dentcare Dental Lab, Muvattupuzha. It's the largest lab in the Asia. We never compromise on quality. We give the best to our patients.

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