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Implant Retained Denture

With this innovative treatment, dentures can be fixed in place with dental implants to provide a great alternative to traditional removable dentures. Usually, these dentures are placed in the lower jaw where regular dentures may not provide adequate strength and support. Although regular dentures in the upper jaw tend to be stable enough on their own, implant-retained dentures can be placed in both the upper or lower jaw.

What are the benefits ?
  • Enhances your ability to correctly chew food so you can enjoy a varied diet
  • Simple way of replacing missing teeth
  • Avoids the use of messy denture adhesives, pastes, or powders
  • Protects your facial structure and natural smile by preserving jawbone
  • Restores youthfulness by softening wrinkles caused by prior lost lip-support
  • Secure and comfortable – no need to worry about loose or ill-fitting dentures
Is it right for me ?

These dentures are ideal for patients who don’t have any teeth in the jaw, but have enough jawbone to support implants. The best way to find out if these dentures are right for you is to book an initial consultation. One of our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and determine the right course of treatment for you.

How does it work ?

The dentures are made from an acrylic base which mimics the natural gum. Porcelain or acrylic teeth are attached to the base. There are two types of implant-retained dentures:

  • Bar-retained dentures – two to five implants are placed in your jawbone before a thin metal bar is attached to them. The bar follows the natural curve of your jaw. Attachments are then fitted to the bar, and the denture is securely clipped into place.
  • Bar-retained dentures – two to five implants are placed in the jawbone and metal ball-shaped attachments are fixed to them. These attachments fit into corresponding attachments on the denture, holding it securely in place.
The procedure

Your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your treatment at your initial consultation. Once the implants are ready to be placed, your dentist will insert them in the front of your mouth where the jawbone is stronger. This surgery is done under a local anaesthetic, and you may also be given a sedative to relax. A set of temporary teeth will be placed onto the implants. A healing period of around four to six months must pass before you receive the permanent dentures.


Your dentures should be removed and carefully cleaned each day, along with the gum area. They should also be removed for sleep, just like regular dentures. Some patients, however, may opt for permanent crown and bridgework which can’t be taken out. Your dentist will discuss your options and preferences with you.

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